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When work interfers with your gaming time…SOLUTIONS!

So, you have a office job. You work pretty hard for it. You spend some of your own time – not on the clock – to better yourself and the position. You go above and “beyond” in that sense. You take on overtime not for the money but for the betterment of everyone. You take on projects like writing blogs (FOR FREE) and extending your “outreach” and “profitability”. The side effect is you stop spending time on a blog you loved so much. Then the bad times come. Where you realize yet again that you are just a number. You are nothing. A Pittance in the great scheme of things. Maybe not viewed this way by others but by the ones who give you pay increases each year. And then you realize that it’s jus t not worth it sacrificing yourself.  This is a situation that I’m sure many face.

So what do you do? Well. Here’s a soltuion! Write a blog in the morning! play games at night (NOT A FREAKING MMO), and write about the fun you had.  Troll Kotaku and repost on your own site as if YOU TOO were a news site. I mean, who really cares about all that Anime RP Business over on Kotaku and who really wants to read that garbage anyways. They’re the Pitchfork of gaming! That’s about all I have to say about that jenny, this is a half assed solution anyways. I mean really, are you coming here for solutions to your gaming problems? I surely hope not!

So enough about other people, how about me. I’m currently settling  in on a pretty awful cup of coffee at MY office job dreaming as I often do of Killing little things with large armies or staring down a scope and killing something that is ..well..little (1 pixel). Or spinning my wrists around with the wiimote. Richie has said he has Mario Galaxy 2 ready for me. But I dont have the neccesary toys to get it from him to my home. That’s my weekend dilemma.

So what are you normal gamers playing this weekend? What beefs are you having? Is work cutting into your game time?

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