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Fable 2’s next DLC dated, May 12th

We’ve mentioned this on the last podcast….I didn’t know if it was out or not, but here’s the real skinny. On May 12th,  Xbox Live brings us “See The Future” for Fable 2, at 7 bux(or 560 MS points) we get new quests, items, and some new doggies… I just gotta get back into the game and experience the goodness Fable 2 delivers 😉

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Xbox Live rumor…will the real V.I.P.s please stand up?

I just came across this article via It details some interesting features that I’m sure will be welcome to the current service, online storage and game invites to the silver cats are some. I say current cuz it’s not something I’m willing to pay extra for, especially since I hardly online multiplay anyway. 50 bux a year ain’t bad for a reliable service that’s fully integrated into all 360 games…but honestly I’d rather that money go to another game a year, especially in these crazy economic times. Sure the PSN(playstation network) is nowhere near as good as xbox live, but it’s free and gets the job done in the rare case that I wanna hop online against other cats. It’s not like Live was never without it’s troubles. I just think if microsoft adds these types of features to the current gold service, they can continue to be the king of online console gaming, and that’s cool with me.

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