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Big Girlz + Youtube = Today’s Lulz

Richie. I found you a girl. Her name is BIG TASHIA!  And here is her friend.  I”m totally insane.  Why do I torture myself with this garbage? Oh! I know why! Because I’m a bastard. Yep. That’s it! Anyways. Youtube is great for some things like music videos from the 90’s or live music performances or, failblog with it’s 4 billion hits, but not so great for people who just happen to stumble upon crap. Which leads me to; the downside of youtube. It’s that it has created a platform for all the truly moronic people to spout insane shit.  I mean, what’s with all this “unboxing” crap? Here’s an example of unboxing an iphone. Did the world REALLY need this video?

What is the appeal anyways? You’re talking over taking packaging out of a box? As if your commentary matters in any way possible. And with that, it leads me back to Tashia. She is obviously the expert on television programs such as the T.O Show and Chad Johnson Ochocinco’s show. /sarcasim.  So…Tashia’s of the world. Go away. Please. I know you’re breathing heavy,  go out and get a snickers bar will ya? Just please don’t put a video of you unboxing a box of snickers. My head just may explode.

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Double Dragon tunes – Hip-Hop style!

I came across this dude on youtube, Destorm, doing crazy renditions of tv show jingles and songs called Soul-Tunes. They’re funny and catchy. Checkin out his channel, I see he does a lot more, this cat is mad talented IMO. I think any gamer into hip-hop would appreciate this.

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Gears Of War 3 Trailer!

Post title sez it all. Gears Of War 3. April 5th 2011. Xbox360. Rawk.

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Lego Spinal Tap! These go to 11…

These are SO GOOD! Two of the best scenes in This is Spinal Tap, done in Lego stop-motion.

Nigel’s guitar room:

And, my all-time favorite scene of the film… Nigel’s “Mach” piece:

Well done.

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